Pozzi Wool®/PureGrow Wool®

Ideal for Natural Bedding Products

Joe Pozzi created the standard for coarse wool produced for natural bedding products. Pozzi Wool®, also sold under the name of PureGrow Wool®, is used by manufacturers of natural bedding products — pillows, comforters, blankets and mattresses. Visit sonomawoolcompany.com to purchase bedding products using Pozzi Wool.

Where to Buy Pozzi Wool®/PureGrow Wool®

Pozzi Wool®/PureGrow Wool® is available in soft batt form or fabric form. If you're interested in purchasing this extraordinary product, please email Joe at Joe@pozziranch.net.

History of Pozzi Wool®/PureGrow Wool®

Pozzi Ranch is located in the coastal region of northern California, where the average rainfall is over 40 inches per year. Sheep which thrive in this climate are coarse-grade wool sheep. Their coarse wool, with a 28 to 34 micron count, easily sheds the heavy rains of this region and keeps the sheep warm. The sheep breeds with this type of wool are traditional British breeds, including Dorset, North Country Cheviot, Romney, Suffolk, Hampshire, and Border Lester.

Historically, there was not much interest in this type of wool in the world market, because it was too coarse to be used in a traditional end product, such as clothing, blankets or other textiles. Frustrated that his wool was going to "waste", in 1993, Joe began to explore opportunities and ways to use this type of wool. He discovered that the coarse wool is ideal for bedding products. The fibers in coarse wool creates a very full and lofty material for mattresses, pillows and comforters. The wool has provided another option for consumers who want a high quality natural product.

Pozzi Wool®/PureGrow Wool® Standards

In 1993, Joe developed a set of standards for his wool. The standards define how the animals are cared for, how the natural resources on the land are cared for, and how the wool is harvested from the sheep. These standards were developed to assure our customers were getting the highest quality product, while making sure the ranchers raising the sheep were being responsible in their business practices.

Sourced from Family Farms and Ranches

PureGrow Wool® comes from Pozzi Ranch as well as several other family-owned and operated ranches in northern California. All of these ranches raise their sheep according to the PureGrow Wool® standards. The wool is source verified, so our customers know which ranch their wool comes from. Supporting family ranches is an important part of what Pozzi Wool® and PureGrow Wool® stands for. The economic viability of these ranches –many of which have been operated by the same family for over four generations – is very important. With the establishment of Pozzi Wool® and PureGrow Wool® these families have been able to participate in the wool market, providing them with another source of income for their ranches.

From the Sheep to the Comforter

Steps to Produce Pozzi Wool® and PureGrow Wool®